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  • How To Enjoy Glo Data Plan? How To Become Master Of Your Glo Data?

    No argument the Glo data plan is not enjoyable. Especially in some rural areas, it is very slow and dumb. But what can you do when it is "the grand master of data", the only network that gives you 4GB of data for just N1000?  — "All that glitters is not gold" right? — Switching is just out of the question because it's like jumping out from a frying pan into a fire.

    But what if I tell you that there are certain tricks and precautions to take for you to enjoy the Glo data? You can find all the answers to this question in the remaining sections of this post.

    Understand How The Access Point (APN) Connect

    Understanding how your phone Access Point Names (APN) connect can boost your internet connection. The default APN is gloflat — but if you consider interchanging it to either glowap or glosecure, there's a chance that the network will boost

    How to change your APN

    If you're using Android, go to SettingsNetworkAccess Points, touch the icon to add a new APN. Input these setup;

    • Name: Glo
    • APN: glosecure or glowap
    • Username: (you can leave this blank) or input web or gprs
    • Password: (you can leave this blank) or input web or gprs

    The same thing goes to iPhone users, go to SettingsCellularCellular Data OptionsCellular Data Networks and input the above setup.

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    Control How You Use Your Data

    Another predicament is how your data got sucked up quickly not as expected. If you're experiencing such problem, there are either one of two things at work.

    1. There's an app running in the background consuming your data
    2. Someone is sharing your data

    How to monitor your phone data consumption

    If you're using android phone, you should be familiar with Data Usage feature. Which you can find in the Settings of your phone. And if you're an iPhone user you should also be familiar with Cellular Data Usage. Which is also found in the Settings. These two feature are powerful, handy and accurate. You can use either of them to monitor how your apps use your data, set Billing cycle and restrict background or unwanted apps from using your data.

    How to know if someone is sharing your data

    Sharing of data with a maximum number of 5 people is a very useful feature introduced by Globacom, which people use for sharing their data subscription with their loved ones. But to must of us, this new feature is a "Blessing in disguise". You may not know that someone is sharing your data without your consent and that is why your data doesn't last as expected. Here is how to deal with this problem.

    Dial *127*00#: this will reveal the list of numbers sharing your data subscription
    To remove number from sharing your data subscription Dial *127*02*Number#

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    Incentive: How to browse with Glo bonus

    You may have get to a situation whereby you have bunch of bonus data but you can not browse with it. All you have to do to solve this problem is to send a text containing PAYU to 127 and your phone will start browsing with your bonus data.


    After reading this post, you must have understood what you have to do for you to enjoy the Glo Data Plan. But if you're living in an area where the service is totally poor, then I have no choice than to tell you to switch to another Network.

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    And finally, I'm wishing you happy new month of December. May this month bring many opportunities to your way, to attain every happiness and success of life.

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    Do you have a different trick that you are using to enjoy the Glo data subscription? Be kind to share it with us.
  • Useful Globacom / Glo Features You Didn't Know Exist

    Globacom Limited (or GLO) is a Nigerian multinational telecommunications company headquartered in Lagos with more than 2,500 people worldwide.

    As a network that lives where you live and knows your mobile telephony needs, Globacom has introduces some cool features that will let you do a lot on the network.

    1. Share Airtime with other Glo subscribers

    EasyShare is what they call the first feature, it enables you to share your call credit with any one you choose on the Glo network. Send credit to family, friends and loved ones in an instant with this service.

    How To Use EasyShare

    To Transfer Credit, dial *131*Phone Number of the recipient*Amount to be transferred*Password#. For example, if your password is 12345 and you want to transfer N75 to a customer with Phone Number 08155570458, then you dial *131*08155570458*75*12345#.

    You will receive notification via text message once the transfer is completed. Default password is 00000.

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    2. International Calling (IDD Rate)

    If you care so much to know how much you're being charged whenever you make an international call, then Globacom is trying to go cap in hand with you.

    The second feature, International Calling (IDD), will enable you to hold the purse strings. You can check how the network charges for each call per minute for a specific country.

    Here is how it works.

    Step 1: Go to this web page
    Step 2: Select from the drop down which country you want to know the call rate and click on Submit

    3. Call Barring

    This feature enables you to place a restriction on Incoming calls; Outgoing calls; National calls or even International calls. (This service requires a barring code. The default barring code is 0000).

    N/B: Barring is available for only Post-Paid Customers

    Quick Facts About Call Barring

    • Barring is a term that refers to a service that prevents certain calls from being made or received.
    • When a barring is activated or deactivated a barring password is required. The default barring code is 0000.
    • To change barring code dial **03*330*old barring code*new barring code*new barring code # and send.
    • Barring can not be setup when diverts are active.
    • Barring affects voice calls, SMS, fax and data .

    Barring can be set up and cancelled using these codes:

    click to view clear image

    4. Call Waiting/Holding

    This feature that enables you manage/toggle between two or more calls at the same time:

    (a) Call Waiting: A feature that alerts a Customer of an incoming call while on a call.
    (b) Call Holding: A feature that allows the Customer to pick the incoming call or waiting call while he puts the on-going or current call on hold. This service is available to both post paid and prepaid Customers free of charge.

    Quick Facts About Call Waiting and Holding

    • Call waiting and holding is a service that allows a subscriber to receive a call while he is already on a call. He is then able to place the call on hold and accept the new incoming call
    • Call waiting and holding also allows a subscriber to put a call on hold and make a new outgoing call.
    • Call waiting and holding is available for ALL subscribers and its free.

    Call waiting and holding can be set up using the following codes:

    click to view clear image

    5. Conference Calling

    The fifth feature is a Service that enables you to put a call through - to two or more people simultaneously. At the moment, this service is offered to postpaid customers only. The initiator can invite a maximum of 5 people and will be responsible for the payment.

    Stay glued to know when this service is available for prepaid customers.
    N/B: This feature is network plus handset dependent.

    Read also: Cheapest Call Rate: detailed explanation on Glo Nigeria's tariff plans

    6. Call Diverts/Forwarding

    The Call Divert or Forwarding feature allow you to divert your incoming calls to another number (be it local, International, Fixed, GSM, PTO’s and so on) or to your voicemail depending on any condition set which includes ‘All calls’, ‘When busy’, ‘When No reply’ or ‘When Not Reachable’).

    You will be charged for diverting your calls to another number every time someone calls you. To divert your calls or to cancel the diverts, go through the menu of your phone. This service is available to both postpaid and prepaid Customers free of charge.

    Quick Facts About Call Forwarding:

    Diverts allow subscribers to have their calls forwarded to another number under four conditions. These conditions are:

    • When the subscriber is busy on a call
    • When the subscriber’s phone has been rining for a length of time
    • When the subscriber’s phone is not contactable (eg, turned off or out of coverage)
    • Unconditional – also called an “all call” divert
    • Diverts are available for all subscribers
    • There is a divert known as DCF. This divert is one that is set by the network and is only called upon if no other diverts exist (hence the name default call forwarding).
    • DCF is usually configured to route calls to voicemail.

    Diverts are set up and cancelled by using the following codes:

    click to view clear image

    Because diverts are instructions to the network to make a call on behalf of the called party, a divert can be considered as an outgoing call. As a result if you divert calls then that call is charged to you

    7. Glo Cafe'

    And the last feature on the list is the Glo Cafe', it is a mobile application, a one-stop destination for managing your Globacom account, bill payments, mobile recharges and checking usage. This app gives you the power to manage all your connections and services.

    With Glo Cafe App, you can avail the following features:

    • Check balance and usage : You can view recent recharges and balance deductions, current internet data plan details and data usage.
    • Easy and quick Recharge: Recharge and pay bills for other Globacom prepaid mobile numbers.
    • Buy new Internet packs (4G/3G/2G).
    • One stop shop for voice offers, data offers, special packs, international calling packs, CRBT, bill payments and many more delights.
    • Store Locator : You can also locate nearby stores and email or call the Globacom comapany through the app.
    Download Glo Cafe' App now and start enjoying its features [android] [iOS].

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    I hope you find these features useful. Stay glued for more features
  • Cheapest Call Rate: detailed explanation on Glo Nigeria's tariff plans

    Let me guess, you’re having a feeling that the current plan you’re on is unjustly, "out of temper" is that right? Well, before you make the decision of migrating to any other Glo Nigeria tariff plan, you should consider understanding how the  network operate.

    Are you ready?

    Here we go;

    I don't know about your area, but over here where I live, there’s this consensus that “GLO is the cheapest for making phone calls in Nigeria”

    Heard something like that too?

    Doesn't matter, just keep reading.

    Below are the reasonable tariff plan available on the Glo Nigeria network.

    1. G-BAM

    They said this package offers amazing flexibility, offers a unique proposition to the Nigerian Youths, making it possible for them to check their mails, enjoy Facebook, Twitter e.t.c. But I'm not sure about that, here is what I'm sure about.

    Normal call rate:  Call Glo to Glo and any other network in Nigeria at 18K/s
    Special offer: Call five special numbers at only 11K/s and enjoy 5MB free browsing every day.

    Here's how to add special numbers; dial *101*1*glo-number#.

    Cool right?

    But that's not the end. You will be charged N5 daily on G-BAM, either you use the SIM or not. As far as you have more than N5 on your account it will be deducted before you can enjoy all the gems this profile offers.

    Are you interested?

    Kindly dial *100*5*1# to migrate.

    2. Glo Jollific8

    Are you the kind of person that loves huge figures? Them bonus upon bonus kind of numbers?

    Glo Jollific8 is going to be a good choice.

    Sadly, this profile is specially designed for new SIM cards. It is designed to give new prepaid customers eight times more value on every recharge.

    That means, if you bought your SIM latest this month, you will be offered 800% more value on every recharge from N100 and above. You will get octuplet benefits, including bonus to call all local networks, browse freely and get free data that can be gifted to other subscribers. See breakdown of bonuses below:

    • N100 recharge gives N800 + 10MB (N50) = N850
    • N200 recharge gives N1,600 + 25MB (N100) = N1,700
    • N500 recharge gives N4,000 + 50MB (N200) = N4,200
    • N1,000 recharge gives N8,000 + 100MB (N400) = N8,400
    • N5,000 recharge gives N40,000 + 500MB (N2,000) = N42,000

    You should get a new SIM card right? Hmm.. or what do you think?

    Hear this now, On-net and off-net calls are charged at 67K/s. But is that too cost even though with all the bonuses? Do the math. Read here for more details

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    3. Glo Infinito

    On level grounds with the next tariff plan, Glo Infinito is not the cheapest, but the wisest.

    If I were an active GLO subscriber, this tariff plan would be the one for me.

    Glo Infinito is a unique and simple prepaid tariff plan with no hidden charges, no rental payments and no conditions.

    Normal call rate: Call Glo to Glo and any other network in Nigeria at 22K/s 
    Biggy Packs: you can buy Biggy Packs while on Infinito. Dial *170*1# for N100 pack which gives you N260 value, *170*2# for N300 pack which gives you N800 value and *170*3# for N500 pack which gives you N1,660 value
    Special offer: You can call up to 10 Family and Friends at 11k/s.

    Here's how to add FnF numbers; dial *101*1*Mobile No#. To modify selected FnF number dial *101*2*Existing F&F Mobile No*New F&F Mobile No#. And if you want to deregister/delete an FnF number dial *101*3*Mobile No#.

    Are you interested?

    Kindly dial *100*9*2# to migrate.

    4. Glo 11k/s Prepaid Plan

    As a network that prides itself in delivering unbeatable value to subscribers in the country, Glo recently introduced the Glo 11k/s plan.

    It is somehow the same as the G-BAM. If you want to enjoy all the gems Glo 11k/s offers, N5 will be deducted from your account daily. But when daily access fee is not paid, local calls are made at 20k/s while international calls are at the default rate.

    If you're the kind of person that mingle with people outside Nigeria, then this plan can be of good help.

    Normal call rate: 11k/s calls to Glo customers and 15k/s to other networks in Nigeria
    Special offer: 15k/s calls to 30 top international destinations (Australia, Bangladesh, Brunei, Canada, China, Cyprus, Denmark, Finland, French Guiana, Guam, Japan, Hong Kong, India, Israel, Luxembourg, Malta, Mongolia, Mexico, Netherlands, Norway, Puerto Rico, Reunion Island, Romania, Singapore, South Africa, South Korea, Spain, Sweden, UK, US ).
    Free Data: You’ll get 10 minutes of free free browsing monthly.

    Lol! 10 minutes of free browsing? Are you kidding?

    ..but they are serious!

    What can you download in 10 minutes?

    Nothing useful I guess.

    Well, "not to have an axe to grind", if you're still interested, just dial *211# to migrate.

    That is it.

    I may be updating this post as the Globacom telco may be upgrading their tariff plans.

    Stay glued for the latest update of this post and other interesting posts.
  • How To Share And Unshare Glo Data Subscription

    Oh! may be you didn't know that you can share you Glo data subscription with friends and family.
    When people hear of Glo data sharing, they often mistake it with Glo data gifting; both of them are different services.

    While Glo data sharing will allow you to invite up to 3 other persons to use your Glo data equally, Glo data gifting on the other hand is a situation where you can transfer certain amount of allowable data to other Glo lines.

    Read also: How To Enjoy Glo Data Plan? How To Become Master Of Your Glo Data?

    If that is understood, now let me show you how you can share or invite 3 other Glo users to partake and use your data bundle equally anywhere they are as far as they are on Glo 2G or 3G network coverage areas.

    To add a Glo number to share your data, follow the simple steps below:

    • Dial *127*01*GloNumberToAdd#
    • To remove any number from sharing your data dial *127*02*GloNumberToRemove#
    • Then to list people that are sharing your subscription dial *127*00#

    When you add any number to share in your data bundle, an SMS will be sent out to the person notifying him/her of the invitation and they will immediately have access to start using your data.

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    How to monitor the data your friend shared with you

    To monitor how much data is remaining and the expiry date go to hsi.glo.com and Click on Account => Shared Plans => Shared with you

    Just as I have said, you can add up to 3 Glo numbers to share your data bundle and you cannot limit the data usage from any of the shared numbers unless you remove the numbers as given above.
  • Useful MTN Nigeria Features You Didn't Know Exist In 2017

    The leader in telecommunications in Nigeria, and a part of a diverse community in Africa and the Middle East, MTN. We are going to catch a glimpse of some cool features that you probably didn't know they exist on the network.


    1. Call Your Friends While They Pay For The Call.

    Y'llow! Yes, you can now call your friends and family while they pay for the call. The MTN Collect Call Service is a special prepaid service that allows you to stay in touch with your friends and family even when you have zero credit balance provided that the called party accepts to pay for the incoming voice call. This comes very handy in situations where the caller has run out of airtime and other similar situations. Dial *121*your friend number# to get started.

    2. Set Caller Ring Back Tone For Specific Caller.

    We are already familiar with the CRBT service provided by MTN, which allow you to set a soundtrack of your choice for your callers to listen to before you pick up your call while your phone is still ringing. Recently the company added more feature in the service which will allow you to set a soundtrack for a specific caller instead of your default CRBT. For example, you can set a soundtrack for your mum alone. Only her will listen to the soundtrack whenever she call you. Cool right? All you have to do is text
    "Set+tonecode (space) your mum's Number" to 4100. For example: text Set41004 08133174347 to 4100

    Recommended for you; How To Find The Postal/Zip Code of Your Location in Nigeria

    3. Do What Customer Care Can Do For You By Yourself

    MTN is trying to make you enjoy their services much better and easy. Recently, the company introduced Web Self Service (WSS) which will allow you request for specific services online at your own convenience without requiring an interaction with an MTN customer care representative (the 180 or 181) and have these services delivered on time.

    The WSS offers 24hrs support and immediate access to information. You can also check the status of your requests and be informed when the service is completed. The WSS is available and free to all and will be accessed using your MTN Security Number. Bellow Are The Services available on WSS
    • SIM Replacement
    • View Call Details
    • Change Security Key
    • PUK Request
    • Balance Enquiry
    • Activate data bundle
    • Activate and deactivate call forwarding.
    Click here to get started.

    4. The My MTNAPP

    MyMTN APP is an all in one self care app that gives you full control in managing your phone account, monitor your usage pattern, manage your data usages and subscribe to products and services from your mobile device, all on-the- go. With MyMTN App, Everything is now a touch away. Download now and take charge of your account management. Download is available for Android and iOS

    Features Of This App:

    It gives you access to manage your account whenever, wherever. This includes:
    • Activation of data plans
    • Check voice and data balance, View call history. e.t.c
    • It gives you access to key security codes like PUK number to unlock SIM card
    • Enables you to load airtime for a loved one remotely

    5. Get Notified Of The Calls You Missed When Your Phone Was Switched off  Or Out Of Coverage

    With MTN Who Called, MTN keeps you up to speed with calls you missed while your phone was switched off or unreachable. The SMS message with information about calls you missed will be sent to your mobile phone as soon as your mobile number becomes available. To activate this service, text SET 02 to 100. Once this is done, you will receive a message like this:
    Y’ello! 803xxxxxxx request to activate Who Called Service was successful. Thank you
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  • How to Completely delete your WhatsApp Account

    Despite WhatsApp being the popular messaging app worldwide, With more than 600 million active users monthly. Most people's most used app on their phones is now WhatsApp. But what if you decide to leave it, like leave it forever or for some times or you don't want anyone to see your number on their WhatsApp contacts? Whatever the reason may be, uninstalling WhatsApp won't solve the problem. The only solution is to delete your WhatsApp account.

    Deleting your WhatsApp account will completely erase all your data from WhatsApp.inc server. That means all your information i.e. Profile picture, Last seen, Status, everything. So, if you're ready to delete your WhatsApp account and you find it difficult to do then this tutorial is for you.

    Follow these simple steps to delete your WhatsApp account

    Step 1: In your WhatsApp, navigate to Settings.

    Step 2: In the Settings, touch Account.

    Step 3: At the bottom, you will see Delete my account. Touch it.

    Step 4: Next, you will be shown a hint on what will happen after you delete your account and a space to input your phone number.

    Step 5: This is the last step where you will be asked to leave a feedback or reason why you are deleting your account. Kindly ignore it and touch DELETE MY ACCOUNT.

    That's it! You have successfully deleted your WhatsApp account. Your friends will not find you on their WhatsApp contact and if they try to find you, they will see that you're not on WhatsApp at all. So, you can now uninstall WhatsApp from your phone.

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  • How To Download Paid Apps From Play Store For Free


    Hello guys! I'm here again with this simple trick, how you can download android paid apps from Play Store for free. Google Play Store is the official app store for all Android operating system. It is an application developed by Google that allows users to browse and download applications, music, magazines, books, movies, etc.

    I'm sure you know that Google Play Store apps are divided into two categories - Free and Paid apps. Free apps are available for free whereas Paid apps are premium which we can only download by paying money. Every Android user wants to download paid apps for free from Google Play Store.

    There are many other tricks out there, but most of them are now not working. Man Munir is here with a 100% working method to download Google Play Store Paid Apps for free. You can do that easily using an application called AppVN.

    AppVN is a powerful android app designed to unlock and automatically purchase any paid apps from Google Play Store without you paying a dime. The amazing thing about this app is that it doesn't require root access before it can perform the tasks, so it is not compulsory for you to root your Android device before you can enjoy AppVN.

    AppVN is not available on the Google Play Store. Download it from my Google Drive and install it on your Android device easily

    By default, the app is in another language, but you’ll need to change the language into English from the setting.

    After installing, open the AppVN. Then you will have to change the language to English by tapping on the MENU and Tap on Cai Dat (settings).

    Then scroll down again to Cai dat ngon ngu (set language), tap and open it. Change your language to English. As shown below.


    Step to download paid apps for free using AppVN:

    Step 1. To download paid apps for free, simply go to Google Play Store and locate the paid app you want to download, scroll down to SHARE, then tap on AppVN in the options. As shown below;



    Step 2. Then download it from the AppVN for free without paying a dime.


    Hope this information helps? If the method works for you, don't forget to Comment here and remember to Click Share buttons for the benefit of others to appreciate my effort.

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  • How To Make In-App Purhases For Free


    In a free world, where everyone is hunting for free stuff. Some stingy Android developers want to force us to make purchases in their games and apps with our real money before we can enjoy some hidden features.  Well, it's not bad if you do — but you know we are not all born with a silver spoon, and we all want to enjoy those hidden features. End of discussion! I've got a trick for you to legally make the purchases without you paying a dime.

    So let's start.

    1. Your phone has to be rooted. Maybe your phone is not rooted, download Kingoroot here to check or to root —if it's not rooted.

    2. Download freedom app, it's not available in the Google Playstore. So click here to download my own version I'm using from my Google drive. If its not compatible with your device click here to choose the appropriate version of your phone.

    3. Download any app/game from Google Playstore that has some premium features hidden for free version.

    4. Now, go to your freedom app. Grant root access, touch the app/game you want to use for free.

    5. Click here to see step by step tutorial on how to use this app

     Note: you can't use freedom app to download paid apps from Google Play Store.If you're looking for that trick, you can get it here

    Thanks for reading. See you next time.
  • How To Find The Postal / Zip Code of Your Location in Nigeria

    Mostly, whenever we are being asked to fill forms, which could be online or paper forms, we come across particular section of the form in which one is asked to input their country’s zip code, but many have wrongly input what they felt was the right zip code of their country without actually knowing that they are inputting the wrong code or that what they are inputting is not actually the zip code, but rather the dialing code of Nigeria.

    So the need to fill these forms properly and insert the proper zip code and dialing codes at the required section of the form becomes very important, as it can help for one’s document to be treated without glitches, especially when it comes to a case in which we are expecting to receive delivery of goods or letters or simply replies from the application that was made.

    Zip codes and postal codes should not be confused with each other as both of them are the same, so they both can be used interchangeably in any document that you are feeling, so whenever you see zip code, one should know that they are also talking about the postal code, but zip/postal code is different from dialing code.

    Simply, the Nigerian dialing code is the +234 that we always mistakenly put in place of the zip or postal code. The Nigeria postal/zip code is always made up of six (6) digit numbers and are grouped into different regions of the state in the country. The Nigeria Postal Service divides the country into nine (9) region, which makes up the first digit of the code, the second and third digits combined with the first are dispatched zones of district for outgoing sorting, and the last three digits are for delivery. For example, Garki has a postal code of 900247 which is the main postal head office in FCT Abuja, other districts or zones in the FCT have similar but entirely different postal codes.


    So if you want to know the postal/zip code of your location in Nigeria, simply visit the Nigeria Post Code site, when you land there, choose your state, town, area and street name or region and get the postal/zip code of the place you are residing by just clicking at the get postcode tab there.


    It is important to note that even if you are dwelling in the rural area, there on the site, you can easily choose rural postcode search, then key in your details as given above to obtain the post code of your location. Yes, it is that easy, and starting from today, do not key in again the dialing code in place of the zip/postal code. If you are happy with this article, kindly subscribe to get more updates


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